far away

i want to be back in the uk, where i felt normal.
i love the air, the smell, the sun, the breeze, the life.
the cobblestones, the chipped wood, the nature, the old trees.

i want to trawl through carboots, visit old antique stores in
quiet towns along the coast. I want to find secret stores in the 
back streets of edinburgh, with amazing things.

and i want to meet a nice boy from the country side.
not like the aussie countryside, with rm williams and stubbies,
one who will walk through fields with me, who can play the 
guitar while i try to play along. One who is extremely handsome, 
sweet and stong, and will come with me when
i stroll to pick wildflowers and berries.

do you think i could pick up my family, pets,
friends and attachments and shift them all over? for free?
i dont think its going to happen.
 but a girl can dream. 
its so hard! being over there felt so natural, and sometimes,
here doesnt. but what can you do.

where do you feel drawn to? where would your perfect
home be, if you could take your loved ones too?

photos here and here


  1. i love love love this lauren. maybe you will live there one day! and you deserve a charming foreign man. i can attest that it's wonderful and has great perks! :p

  2. Just came across this and thought how sweet it is :) I am English and last year I fell in love with an Aussie guy, who moved to England so we could be together. You should come over here if it's your dream! He's only 20 and he managed to do it. Maybe you'll fall in love with an English guy :) x