gosh i love my garden.
i got from home from work this morning about 930 and took some photos. 
it curedmy annoyance of having woken up at 530. although i did get home and the housemates were still in bed/pjs. major jealous! 
oh the life of a worker.

but good news the bulbs i planted last week are peeking through the soil. 
i cant wait to see them when they're all pretty. i planted gladiolis :)
and my alysium seeds are also starting to get bigger. they're quite cute
at the moment. sweet alice is one of my favourites.

well have a nice day everyone.
today is my one and only day off of the week from work and uni so i will 
do something fun hopefully. i have to clean the house and do three assignments for
tomorrow but the weather is so good it will distract me!


  1. love your garden, flowers and plants are really such a simple joy! Im to overwhelmed at the thought of what to plant, when, care ie to embark on my own!

    I really like your header :)


  2. pretty pictures Lauren!hope you got to do something fun on your day off!