Making Magique

My loves, I need you to meet somebody wonderful. This is the lovely Haleigh from Making Magique. Her blog is a place full of wonder, pastels, paris, miu miu, macarons and amazement. I've been a reader of her blog for quite a while, and every time I click to her page my heart strings pull with a longing to have a life like hers. It looks absolutely magical. 

So basically I think ya'll should just head over and pine after the colours and glitter. Its good, real good.

I'm finally getting things sorted out for the website I've been updating. Getting the hang of it!
I start an intensive course for uni tomorrow, Packaging Design. I know it's going to be good, but I am so not inspired, or ready at all. I haven't really had any holidays yet, I've been so flat out. So yeh, feeling a little tired and under the weather. That's probably not the best start for  me to begin the intensive!

Have a lovely day, you lovely people!

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