i always feel odd posting pictures of myself. but i wanted to show you my earrings! haha
and please refrain from telling me i need a haircut :) i swear thats all people say these days!

i had the classic from mother dearest last week. 
the "your hair is getting long" but in a sad and concerned tone. haha love her.

so here begins the hugest week ever!!!!
here is my list of whats happening. shivers.

4 one50 dance concerts, they'll be so hectic, but so amazing!
1 grad show for uni, im so nervous! but i have a nice dress :)
1 brunch with the dance ladies
3 shifts at work, can't wait to leave the place!
1 matt corby gig. oh my dear lord i cannot wait
100,000,000 boxes to move out by sunday.
and my furniture too.

its my last week in the huntriss house. can't believe 2 years have gone so quick.
i am going to miss this old house so much! ill do some posts before we leave.
ive taken so many photos around the house, of the odd detailings and such. quirky!

and i don't know if ive mentioned, but next tuesday ill be flying to LA
wowzers! myself and 11 other dance girls are going on a trip!
but ill explain a little more in the next couple days :)

hope your days are super!!!!
i have to go by fabric for concerts and sort out travel money......oh dear.....

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  1. you're off to LA!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOW green with envy! have a fabulous week!