you can call me doormat



talking to my dad about things that are happening, and he politely informed me that 
maybe sometimes i can be a bit of a doormat for people. see i dont tend to kick up a fuss
about anything really, and i always do what people ask of me, even if it stresses me out.
i didnt believe him right then, but im starting to now.
i should learn to say no hey? but then, that leaves me feeling awfully guilty.

oh well.
all i can say is, i can not wait for womadelaide which is just over a month away.
i cant wait to eat amazing indian, trawl through market stands, drink heavenly chai under
colourful umbrellas, feel the long grass between my toes, and dance for eternity.

1 comment:

  1. learning to say no Lauren can be really is scary at first and you'll feel guilty the first few times you do it. But you are too lovely for people to take for granted! It was wonderful to see you at Brooke! xx