boxing day love

i am so exhausted. exploring etsy is extremely appealing right now. i had a lovely christmas. but i checked my bank account this morning and some checks went in. but i cant go nuts! i did however order a handmade 2010 diary. which is completely reasonable because i needed one and there are none in the stores with any charm. my 2009 i bought over at covent garden in london but of course i cant just go overseas every year just to buy a diary. i wish i could though! and i loved it. but unfortunately it finishes in a weekish. but this one is cute. and i cant wait til it arrives!
but i found a new store which is really cute. and cheap as its name states! the 5 dollar french market, as its name suggests, stocks cute and chic french inspired, hand made goodies! and everything is 5 dollars! check it out. it is simply lovely.

marie antoinette inspired journal

lovely lovely lace!

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