anthropologie and some drool

I don't think that it is possible to dislike anthropologie. especially their swimwear! I was so upset not to be able to visit an actual store while I was in LA. I was hoping to be able to actually touch the product rather than have to stare at it whilst drooling over my poor macs keyboard. oh well.

but seriously. the last two. HO MA GO!

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  1. WOW oh my goodness I love this swimwear, especially the first bikini top! Gorgeous! I so wish I was on the beach in Spain wearing that right now. Thanks for sharing :)
    You asked how I did my foiling - I screen printed with foil glue onto fabric, then put special foil straight on top, then put the fabric under a heatpress for 10 seconds. When you take it out and peel off the piece of foil, it stays just where you printed the glue :) simple!