My day

my goodness gracious its been hot in adelaide! today was that gross muggy hot though. Theres been the rumor of rain about and so the clouds kept the heat down which was a bit yuck.

Today was nice though, I had a much needed lunch with a friend, and came home and relaxed with a little music. I've been so exhausted and sick that it was nice to spend time with loved ones and just have some me time! The heat didn't make it nice, but I was distracted from it!

At about 7:30 (not 7:08) the rain came in!!!! The wind whipped around so we opened up all the windows in the house to cool at down, and sat outside under the fig tree soaking it up!!!

I chewed nectarines and paige picked at the high figs with tongs. love it!

and birdy says hi :)

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