the love of floral

i love flowers. they are just so beautiful. all the time. and they distract me, and make me feel better. even if it just be looking at pictures of them! the botanic gardens is one of my most favourite places in adelaide. i often go there by myself on a cool day, and wander. its my thinkg/camera time. its beautiful. and there was a french guy who worked in the cafe who made an amazing coffee! lets hope he's there next time!
these photos are mine, i hope you like them. PLEASE tell me what you think. the necklace is in there because it was for a uni project. we had to take millions of photos that had an object recurring in all of them so i chose two necklaces. i think it worked nicely with what i took. i like the dreaminess. whereas some other people chose things like a football or a bench!
so yes, please tell me if you like them!


  1. I think your photos are beautiful! Did you use film? The colours are so nice and the necklaces must blend in pretty well because I didn't even notice them at first! How's that for observant? There are botanic gardens in Edinburgh too but I've only been once. You've just reminded me I really need to go again!

  2. lovely! particularly like the top one. Nice stuff :)

  3. yep i used film! we actually had to, and then i fell in love with the camera! im glad they blend well :) thankyou both!!

  4. Yep, I've always liked these :)

    I also love botanical gardens! I've been to the one in Edinburgh! ooh. You must take me to the one in Adelaide next time I come back.

  5. they're great Lauren! the colours are beautiful!