i always wonder

photos from bonniecakes

i always wonder what people think about me. or what they associate me with. because i am forever measuring myself to others. i see an amazing photographer, i count myself as not even amateur. an amazing guitarist, i tell myself i cant play. an beautiful stunning girl, i cry and self depreciate. an amazing soul, i tell myself to be better.
so i wonder, i want to know, for my own self in growing in loving. i wonder if people associate me with something amazing. i sure hope at least one person does.


  1. i've always associated you with originality. When I think of Lauren I think of a girl who is wonderfully goofy, and stylish, and unique. I always kind of envy your indie/free-spirited-ness, and (even though you haven't played for me) I know that you're an amazing pianist and that I am truly jealous of...plus you're getting better at photography and I hate you for that too! :) You are so original and cool-cat without even trying. and I think I love you a little bit extra because you wear skirts and dresses like me :)

    p.s. i love the legs/shoes picture... i love stuff like that. in fact: I must show you my step-sister's photography, she has a buncha stuff like that I love and I think you'd like her style!

  2. you're amazing full-stop lauren, I'm the one that's jealous of you.