gilles street markets

on sunday i went to the gilles street markets in adelaide with my beautiful friend chan (see her lovely blog here) it was such a nice day
i bought a few other things, but these two were my favourites! the bag i got for five. barggggain. and the top. its HARRY WHO.  i was so excited. i payed 30 for it. but i didnt think that was so bad. especially for such a nice label. and i just think its so beautiful! i have so many tops with sequins and beads on, but most of them are dark, so this cream is just divine! huge love.


  1. how exciting! i can't wait to see it on you! i bet it looks good with some form underneath it. and what a cute purse!

    p.s. that vintage purse i got you, pretty darn sure its from the 80s and not the 50s like the lady tried to make me think. darn, i should've tried to bargain with her! she's sneaky. have you ever used it yet?

  2. yes I love this top. I am definitley borrowing it very very soon.
    how sweet it is going to look with layers and a vintage bag ! yay yay!