have a looksie!

photos by gingerlillytea

i have posted some of gingerlillytea's dreamy photos before. but here are some more! i think she is one of the most amazing photographers out there. i think it is because she takes photos of the things that i especially find beautiful. dress, beautiful country side, pretty light, and childhood fantasies. i dream to take photos like she does!
i happened to look on her blog today, and she is doing a giveaway! to celebrate valentines day, and reaching 500 fans on her facebook, she is going to pick a person, who will recieve either one large print, or three small prints from her etsy. you either need to leave a comment on her blog entry or facebook, and she will enter you twice if you post about it like i have! so go have a look. if you havent seen her photo collection before. boy you are missing out!
here are her links:


  1. how lovely is that!! soo whimsical and dreamy and fantasy like :)

  2. oh thank you for blogging such lovely things about me!!! xx

  3. ohhh i love your blog! amazing!

  4. p.s. the ghost-like one is creepyyyy cool!!!