our names match

lauren doughtys blog is most definitely my most visited. i just love her work too much! she was the first blog that i started following and i honestly am always hanging out for a new post.  She does beautiful drawings and takes pretty photos. Im not sure exactly but i think she goes to art school, somewhere in the UK. which i am so envious about! she lives in my favourite ever country and is so talented. and of course she has a very nice name i think, which could be me being biased. have a look at her blog here. i hope you love her as much as i do! Oh and the pictures that i have posted here are from her latest project (i think) where each student was given a phobia and then they had to study it and these are her results. i adore them! she has a knack for drawing cute feathers :)


  1. thankyou so much for your kind words. :) it's a real pleasure to know someone appreciates what I do as much as you! Lovely blog. And Lauren is definitely the best name! Haha x

  2. wow that is so awesome!! very dreamlike...i like. very cool!