eve of love

drawing by me

its valentines eve. so while i watch the opening ceremony for the winter olympics, i wish you a lovely night with your loved ones. im home alone, contemplating strawberries and chocolate, to make myself feel not so alone! so snuggle up and appreciate your love. and have a wonderful valentines morning when you wake. see you all tomorrow xx


  1. i love your drawing, it has great whimsy and it'd dripping in sweetness. Have a great Vday!


  2. remember when we had chocolate dipped strawberries and watched Swan Princess and Hunchback of Notre Dame and petted bunnies? THAT was a nice night :)

    i really love the drawing!! it's so cute. i love the hints of color.

  3. yes i sure do remember that!
    yuuuuuuuuuuuum love you