peculiar tree

so these were two of my finds today. the top dress is by a brand call oops. which i have never heard of before but its cute! i cant wait to wear it to uni on a cold winter morning with tights and boots. the skirt is by peculiar tree. an AMAZING label. i have a skirt that is exactly the same shape but black, and with a pattern of flowers made out of gold and rose sequins. its beautiful but i have not posted about it yet! so i know the shape fits me. plus! i got both the peculiar tree skirts half price! i dont know how i managed to do that.....and usually i would count them out of my price range! ive only ever seen them stocked in one store and they only carry one of each size so yay. they're an adelaide label so i really appreciate being able to buy amazing local pieces. they dont really have a website at the moment....not that i can find. but they do have a facebook!
i also bought a few other things today, but i am beat, so i will post about them tomorrow maybe!

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