happy love day

happy valentines day

its valentines day, and i dont have a valentine. but i do have my one true love. scarves.
well, if you know me personally, you will know that one of my favourite things EVER are scarves. and so my collection is always growing! i cant wait for winter as i have bought more than i should have this summer cant possibly wear them in 40 degree heat!
this post might be slightly large with pictures of them all. but i might as well post them now! oh and this isnt all of them.......i left the solid coloured ones in their basket. yeh. i have a scarf basket. they sit on top of my bedside table. they dont fit anywhere else. who needs love when you have scarves!

target, lovely to brighten up your outfit
oxfam shop, a birthday present from my lovely bre. it has such a nice pattern
these four, black, red, purple, green, were all from a side stall in london. i loooooove them. and cheap cheap!
a bargain from primark, we dont have primark in oz so i grabbed as much as i could!
this is my most favourite scarf. its from accessorize, yet another uk store which doesnt ship to australia unfortunately! i wear this so often. my perfume is soaked deep into it! but its navy, and floral. my perfect match!
vintage, from gilles street markets, adelaide. it feels so silky!
my beautiful friend lexi brought this back from her trip to london. from a vintage store, here. the beads are sooooo pretty i love them! she knows me well :)
from forever new, purdy purdy
these are both from globalize. they are quite small but look cute with a singlet.
love from sportsgirl
i actually cant remember where this is from. it may have been valleygirl?
love from sportsgirl
a birthday present, from sophie, but a valleygirl scarf.
a birthday present from sophie, and vintage
my friend phoebes sister makes these scarves. i loved phoebes so much that she asked her sister to make me one for christmas. it is so amazingly beautiful! its yet to be worn yet, due to the heat. but come on winter!
this butterfly scarf was my great grandmas xx
from my lovely aunty wendy. i dont know the brand though!
my dad picked this up at a little stall, good find! i think he just did it because the guy had lots of stock left but thats pappa!
cotton on. this one looks great with my dance clothes. eg trackies and a black singlet. lurve it.
unsure about this one too. but its the same as the brown one
my newest. i love the colours. i grabbed it yesterday at forever new for 2.50!!!

so there is most of my collection. i hope you have enjoyed. have a lovely afternoon xx

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  1. i love all the ones from London! which is a bummer, since it's the most inaccessible! i also have always loved the red/white/blue/purple checkered one. anddd I love the one your friend's sister made for you! that is SO cute!! and the old butterfly one. i luff scarves but can never seem to make them sit well and look stylish.