photos are mine.
they're posted because i wish i was at the beach. now. stat.

the next few days, and today, are exhausting for me. im working and its hoooot. long days too. i went 8-6 today in the heat so im tre tired. tomorrow im working also and then have dance which will wreck me! so if i dont blog much. i am very sorry. im so exhausted today that i am too tired to even try looking through everyones new blog posts. its a quick check and now bed for me. so have a lovely couple days and i will be back on the weekend for some lovely finds!!! i cant wait for my weekend. but i will tell you about that on friday night. much love.


  1. Gorgeous picturesss! Wish I was there too right now!
    x, fashionnerdic

  2. After looking through you're whole blog, it has dawned on me that you are quite talented with the camera, amazing photos!