and then i woke up

maybe i would've been something you'd be good at
maybe you would've been something id be good at
now we'll never know.

i'm not one to blog about personal feelings and all that jazz, but i have to write this. its been on my mind all day. i had a dream last night, quite random, where the person that i last dated (i quite liked him, more than any other guys i have ever met, corny but true.) and i were together again. i woke up this morning in a daze and in my groggy morning state i thought it was true. then i stepped out of bed and it hit me that it wasnt. i was so upset. apparently im not exactly over it yet. so this has been nagging at me all day and has made me miss him. so i went and did some shopping for retail therapy. i am excited about my new things, which i will show soon. but still, man oh man.
there. thats my emotional rant. please excuse me for that.

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  1. Aww hun... i just hate that :( this was a long time ago, no? which guy was it, i forget :/ tell me later.
    retail therapy is always fun (but sucks on the bank account) and doesn't always fix things..i love ya!!
    p.s. the picture looks like you!