well then

colour me blue, im lost in you
dodging under a blossom tree i looked up and snapped, im quite happy with the spontaneity!

i was away from internet for nearly a week, and i noticed that the one thing i missed the most about it was not being able to blog anything. ive only recently-ish started blogging, but i quite like it. i was always hesitant before as i wasnt sure if people really wanted to read what i wrote. but it doesnt bother me anymore and i figure if just one person likes it so be it im happy to have pleased them! but mostly i think its just being able to post something and have it there, saying i love this. sometimes i feel my interests can be lost in coversation with some others, most likely because they dont see why i enjoy it! but who cares really. so i will keep blogging because im growing quite fond of the past time. and its nice to open up my page and see everything i adore! well most things. and to add to my excitment i have gotten my first follower, as lame as my excitement may sound it makes me feel quite nice to see that someone wanted to click and follow me! and when i returned the favour and looked at her blog it was lovely to see an amazing blogger! her name is hat and her blog is Harrietta. an instant favourite of mine, she loves all things nice!
another high point of the day, i have 3 new rolls of film for my 35mm and new mascara. oh joy!

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