oh the heat

Henley Beach
i took this for a uni project, this is the beach nearest my house. its so lovely, with coffee shops and beautiful water.

the only times that i will bear the heat is if im inside, in an icecream store, or a shopping centre, or if im cooling off at the beach. but im not in any of those places right now. so i can say that i do not like this heat. but hey, its australia so ill have to deal with it.
on the upside though i am having my new bed and dresser delivered on monday. im quite excited! its going to be so nice sleeping on an actual bed in my new house instead of on a springy mattress on the floor. YAY. and ill finally be able to organise my things instead of having them on the floor.
also i have chocolate covered honey comb. thankyou bees, you do a wonderful job (although its fair to say that i doubt it is real honeycomb. one can only dream)
my house is finally starting to feel like a home. there will be four of us living there, three of us are moved in and are waiting patiently, or not so, for our last housemate. we all went to highschool together so it will be great! it was so echoey before we moved furniture in. but now ive cleaned things and am starting to slowly decorate, so its great! i honestly dont think the people that lived there before us ever cleaned though, left a mighty job for us. but i actually dont mind it, which is bizarre, im usually so lazy.
i do miss home though, on the farm, if only it didnt take over an hour to drive to uni, or i would still be living there.

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