little list

just a few things that i want to do this year. no resolutions, just things that i want to do better, or that i admire to change!

1. Relax; like proper
sometimes i tell myself that im relaxing, but really im not. i need the cup of tea under the covers with will and grace type of relaxing. or lying on the lawn with frankie type relaxing. i will do this!

2. shtudy hard
boarding college isnt really a motivator for me in terms of study! i got great grades at uni, but i could have spent so much more time and effort and gotten amazing grades. well i hope. so now that im in a house with less distractions, i shall endeavour to get sweet high grades and be proud of my work!

3. family time
pretty simple really. its hard to see them all the time. i just like seeing them everyday! if only i could live at home for the rest of my life!

4. coffee time
say yes, instead of "im busy" when im asked out with friends. if im the slightest bit tired or upset i just say no, whereas they could probably do me some good!

5. say fuji
take more photos. i need to get my digital fixed, although i rarely use it compared to my old slr. but anyways. i love my photos. and i am forever seeing amazing light and colour. so i should be even more snap happy!

6. blush be gone
i blush all the time. i blush when im not even embarrassed. i dont really know why. but i will work on being more confident so that i dont blush when i am embarressed. but honestly i think its just in my genes to be a blusher! its cute.....right?

7. shrink
sounds cliche but id like to drop a dress size. i know i dont need to, but i know i could tone up nicely, which would probably drop me a size and i would still be healthy. so yep. im gonna exercise more. now in search of that motivation....

8. back myself
yeh, someone told me a few times to back myself more. no one had ever pointed it out to me before. but i doubt myself in pretty much everything. its a big thing to work on. ill figure it out.

9. love
uh huh.

10. housewife practice
now that i have my own house and kitchen i can BAKE!!! ive made some delicious batches of things already and i cant wait to see what else i can conjur up. just getting in practice for when i have a lovely husband (where are you) ha. and garden :) flowers here i come

11. look book
dress for what i like, not to cover up my love handles. baggy, unneeded clothes be gone. well, not gone. but toned down a notch.

12. bargain bins
i need to save. big time. so its fortunate that i looooove love love op shops and markets. i cant wait to explore more, my new road has loooooads!

13. plandiddyplan
for my holiday once i finish uni. its going to be amazing.

theres many more. but thats just a taste.

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