a large day

i love festivals, and i will be going to the big day out in adelaide tomorrow. im so excited. the weather will be a sunny 32ish. which will be quite warm, so i will be drinking quite a lot of water. although this weather is a lot nicer than last years 40+ degrees! the sunscreen will be plastered and the dancing shall begin! here are a few things that i count as essentials for a festival!

1. if you're going for the shorts look, short denim cutoffs are the go. the raw edging gives attitude and looks great on long legs as you travel from stage to stage. or for a more cutesy look, what i would wear if i wore shorts, floral or check shorts. i used to wear them as tacker but then told my mum they were ugly. now they are a buzz again! there are some cute pairs that are high waisted and loose on the thighs, almost giving the look of a skirt, but alas they are not!

2. a breatable and floaty blouse, to hang loosely over your shorts. with a cute colar. or the hard edged rocker look. animal print or dark grey with band prints.

3. more in my own style, a cute floaty dress. im well known for wearing nothing much other than florals. and tomorrow i plan to wear a new floral dress from sportsgirl. it has a vintage look about it, i think its the cut. the shoulders are slightly puffed, but not noticeably, and the sleeves cover my shoulders protecting from the sun! or a nice maxi with a belt and layered necklaces can never hurt!

4. as much as i love havainas, i cannot wear them to festivals. they dont feel strapped onto my feet enough! so sandals are the go! or little canvas laceups. brogues, moccasins and oxfords are taking a step out on ladies feets, staging away from the cutie ballet flat stage. i expect to see some girls sporting them tomorrow! i would love to wear a midheight heel with mid socks. but i dont think that my feet could bear over 12 hours in them!

5. a shoulder sling bag is always a necessary. you dont want to be forever pulling your bag back onto your shoulder, or slipping your clutch under your arm. so i think every girl who's ever spent a day dancing in the sun and running to catch a band knows that you need something to throw over your shoulder and be completely hands free!

6. i am white. i have never seen a slight tan on myself ever. apart from the countless times that i have tried to apply fake tan but failed miserably. even the lightest shade somehow manages to look orange on me because i am so pale. so i am one to wholeheartedly promote sunscreen and hats. i am looking in op shops for a schoolgirl style straw hat with a navy ribbon on it. mine from school unfortunately has a tree green ribbon, and i dont want to tear it off. other wise there are some cute bucket hats ( hear me out ) that i saw in shop at one stage. they aren't the horrible material that they used to be, and have cute patterns on them.

7. sunnies. i somehow always seem to end up with the sunnies mark on my nose. but they are a must have. the wayfarers will be everywhere tomorrow, but moreso now with cute patterns and bold colours. im wanting a pastel purple pair. but am yet to find any that i can afford! i will be wearing my brown and black patterned wayfarers.

8. long curls and dreamy braids are my favourite. so i will be curling my hair tomorrow, and maybe trying to attempt a braid. although my hair isnt thick enough for it to work as id like. but ill do my best. hopefully ill be able to get pictures. but my camera is broken. sad face. so i will be having to borrow my friends if she charges it.

9. i will be placing a light denim vest over my dress, to ease the pattern a little. I will also be laying bracelets and bangles, and my favourite cuffs. and also a few simple necklaces. and my three favourite rings!

10. in my bag. i am one to take everything. in case of emergencies. its either me being sensible or just paranoid. there will be my wallet, id, phone, pen, mini notebook, bandaids, chewies, water bottle, panadol (can i take this? i hope so. ill stash it in the bottom....), deoderant (roll on of course), mini perfume, mini sewing kit as i always break things. and i think thats it. ive probably forgotten to write something! 

so to everybody who is also going to big day out tomorrow, have a lovely day and enjoy the sun!

all pictures from sportsgirl

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  1. I have decided to start leaving you comments :)

    Uhm so, love floral dresses! and I find it funny that you STILL don't have enough sunnies as you'd like! Remember that day we went shopping and you bought like 3 or 4 pairs?!?! goodness.

    Though I must say, I could really go for some light purple ones meself...