raw cacao hot chocolate.


So we all need a little sweet moment every now and then when the cool breeze moves in and the only outfit of choice is trackies and a hoodie. I am a huge advocate for the brilliance of hot chocolate in these times. However.....trying to cut back on sugar so that my stomach doesn't hate me for the next three hours is something I'm trying to work with! 

Cacao is basically just unroasted cocoa powder. Raw cacao is made by cold pressing cocoa beans that have not been roasted. As much as cocoa is a beautiful thing, the roasting takes a lot of the nutritional value out it. Raw cacao has so many more health benefits! And it settles into curing those chocolate cravings after a few rounds :) 

My one cup hot chocolate recipe:

250mL non dairy milk of your choice. 
1tsp raw cacao powder 
Dash vanilla essence
1tsp honey to sweeten

Just heat it up on the stove and there you go! 
Delicious and warm :) 

You can use dairy milk......but did you know that there's research saying that dairy actually hinders the absorption of antioxidants in raw cacao?! Wow! Get some of the nice nutty flavour and try it with almond milk! (Which is also delicious with chai on the stove!)

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