let yourself be there.

Think of a falling out between you and someone in life. Of any dramatic or not so dramatic scale. And now think of how you may react if they have now reached out to you in any effort of contact. Whats your initial thought? How does it make you feel? What will you do?

I've just had these questions zip through my mind. I've been reached out to. I've been contacted. After 5 or so years of nothing. A bridge has been crossed.
To be honest I don't even know why communication and contact stopped. It confused me the whole time it was happening. But at the time in a step towards the faith journey i was being called to, I had to leave that and just move forward. It was a healthy decision for me to walk forwards. And honestly I haven't ever looked back. 

But now…..I'm in a place where I'm content. I'm the closest thing to being sure of myself and my faith than ever. And it's amazing. And I could talk about it for days on end! 
But i've been reached out to. My initial (and horrible) thought was something along the lines of "I don't have time for this now after so long" and something like "whats gone wrong for them to contact me again like this".

And then BAM. 
Stop it lauren. 
Why so cruel?

Shouldn't my first thought be utter happiness?

I've been reached out to! YAY!!!

Contact has been made with me. An effort. I'm in such a beautiful place now and I now have the opportunity to take this and share a part of my amazing life? Like wow…..thats insane. To be honest I've been feeling like I am reaching out to so much at the moment….trying to grasp onto new things and new horizons. But that in no way means that I can't be caught by someone who needs me. Just because I'm searching doesn't mean that I'm not the something the someone else is needing and is searching for. My anything could be someones everything.

So my title :)

Let yourself be there.

Chase your calling, but let yourself be present for someone else's searching.
(tweet worthy? yay? nay? ha….)

I know this probably doesn't make sense. Its 12:37 at night and I have to start work in 7 hours.
But hey. I'm excited by this opportunity God has given me. 
And yep.

Sleep well my loves?

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