this next year.

Reflection is really essential in moving forward. I don't believe that you can safely take steps towards dreams and goals without reflecting on what has shaped your path before hand. 

Two thousand and thirteen was a blessing for my growth. I can't ask for more ups and downs and lessons learnt. It was beautiful and heart warming, but also came with its fair share of fear and broken hearted moments. 

Some of these moments from the last year are still with me, both in happiness and sadness. But none of them will hold me back. I don't plan on bursting into 2014 with no fear and a journal full of resolutions. I simply plan on stepping through into the new year, with dreams shaped by honest truth and faith that all the things that I've been through are preparing me for the most beautiful season. 

Don't be fearful of the future. In 24 hours the next day will be behind you. Be open, be meek and courageous. Have faith and hold onto hope.

Your year is yours and yours alone. 

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