bringing in the new year

so i had a predicament. I had been searching so desperately for something to do this new years eve, but nothing interesting had surfaced for me to partake in. Not sure what else to do, I told my boss I'd be available to work that night because I had nothing else on. 

Then after being rostered on, my bestie decided to have drinks at her home, and another bestie invited me to go out dancing. Now see…..I'm not one to go back on my word (or being rostered on) so for a while there I glumly accepted the fact that many of my friends would be meeting while id either still be working or would be making my way through traffic after work closed. 

I decided that if we were to somehow magically close early, by 11 or so….that I would jump in my car and make my way to a pumping destination. But then I panicked. What if I didn't make it in time for midnight? What would the point of it all be? What if I was sitting in my car at midnight on my own? What if I was actually still at work? What if I was exhausted and just went home?

What kind of new years eve would that be?!?! WHAT WOULD I DO?

Then one word slammed into my thoughts.


It all made sense. This last year has been the biggest struggle for me. Ive had to more ups and downs than I could handle calmly, and i've pushed myself over the line way too many times exhausted. I've been excitedly anticipating this next year, as I have this great feeling in my heart that some things are going to make a lot more sense for me. 

So after working my brain overtime trying to figure out how to make my new years exciting and fun, nothing at all now sounds more exciting that starting my new year out with prayer. 
That elating feeling knowing that I'll be so close to the Lord as the new year ticks over, dedicating every moment to Him, my Father and my creator, who has planned every step in the next 365 days down to every piece of cracked pavement or dusty ground that I touch. Nothing could be better than that.

This next year.

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