So I will admit, I have read a zillion articles and magazines about how to "get that booty" or how to "get rid of your winter weight". Alas I am a normal girl and it seems that somehow the majority of us are wired to desire that perfect slim body. This is totally ok, but it's definitely not when getting healthy becomes unhealthy. 

I noticed something about the titles though. They're always telling you how to "get" things. Do all of these magical things and "the perfect bikini body will be yours!". I don't know whether its just being a little bit older….but quick fixes and killing yourself isn't going to be long term and healthy. I don't want to "get" anything.

It's taken a very long time, but for me I've realised that it's not about eating or moving for your perfect body, it's about eating and moving for your perfect health. I tried so many things and nothing ever made me feel ok.

But lately for me I've been spending a tiny bit extra each week, buying the most delicious foods, fruits and organic produce. I've done my research (also alongside a naturopath) and I know some handy hints on what to do to make ME feel better. Being healthy doesn't want to be something daunting or something that stresses you out. Being your own kind of healthy is super fun! And you may even find that you become happier with who you are now, or maybe nourishing yourself in the best way for you will help you find the perfect balance for your body. Every now and then I might start posting a few different things. A few tips that have helped me or are just super delicious and nutritious. 

Be your own kind of healthy, you will feel so much better for it. 


2 x bananas 
2tsp chai tea 
2tsp chia seeds
1/2 tsp maca powder (if you have it)
300ml rice or almond milk
some ice cubes to cool

brilliant! blend!!

This smoothie is so delicious, and nutritious!
I enjoyed it for my breakfast on this heated summer day. If you don't have chai tea in a bulk source, just tear open a couple of tea bags and pour it in! Works just the same :)

I'm excited to tell you about maca in the near future. Still early in trying it in my daily routine so I'll let you know my thoughts soon.

With love, lauren may x

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  1. I loved this post Lauren! So positive and so true. I enjoyed reading it. I'd love to hear more healthy tips too :)