pinterest picks.

totally in love with pinterest at the moment. I think its just so beautiful and easy to use that my tired brain can cope with just clicking and repinning. And of course there's just so much lovely on it.

Working on a new years post. I really need to get back into the swing of this. 
I haven't blogged properly in such a long time.
You know those points in life where you come home ready to do things but then your body is just so tired you can't do anything except sleep? Thats where ive been. Practically all last year.....

Hope you are all well and loving 2013 so far :) xxxx


  1. Wonderful picks on pinterest! I particularly like the painted pine cone idea!

  2. oh I love pinterest too! I hadn't had the time to have a look in weeks and last weekend I went mental and pinned...for what seemed like hours. LOVED IT!