prada me up

i have been lusting after these beautiful things for quite a while now. 
they look so comfortable, other than being so cute and shiny and lovely!
they also come in a few different browns, black, and i saw an odd pink a while ago.
at $680 a pop (20%) lower than the original price, i could quite easily buy them.
thats if i wasn't going to melbourne tomorrow.
so lovely readers, who would love to buy me a pair?? hey?
otherwise, if you've seen any similar, for cheaper, PRETTY PLEASE let me know where.

and speaking of melbourne, i do head there tomorrow for 5 days. I'm thinking i'll take
my computer, so i can blog about my adventures and all. I'll make my mind up tonight.
and good news for you all, i am going to try and find some nice lovely things for a giveaway
that will happen when i reach 50+ followers. lucky you! we're at 47 now i think, so 
if you're reading and you like my blog, please follow, who knows, you may win!!
ill post details about the giveaway when i get back, thats if we're at 50!

have a lovely day everybody. im going to pack, catch up with my bestie for melbourne talk
and cook myself a nice healthy dinner!


  1. love it, so perfect

  2. check out the ones on topshop - similar but cheaper!

    Lou x